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Why DuBois Area School's Elementary Virtual Academy?

  • Learning is exciting! We’re passionate about student success.

  • Learning is family-centric. Your Family is Our Number One Priority!

  • Learning refers to student's inquisitive minds which will grow with our active, real world instruction.

  • Learning is never-ending process. We will work with your students as they learn and grow in what will be a lifetime of learning

  • Learning is a positive outcome. We’re focused on helping your students reach his or her full potential.

Student Hotspots

Hotspots may be provided to students who are enrolled in our Virtual Academy and do not have internet access while not on school campus. To request a hotspot please complete the Hotspot Request Form or call (814) 299-4866. A parent/guardian must also complete a certification form when receiving the hotspot for their student.  





Technical Difficulties?
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